The Centre-Val de Loire region is crossed by many pilgrimage routes allowing pilgrims to reach sanctuaries dedicated to Saint-Jacques, Saint-Michel, Saint-Pierre for the most popular.

Although each pilgrim necessarily starts from his home, the main routes of pilgrimage are designated by a specific place where they gather to accomplish their Way. The main pilgrimage routes in the CVL region traveled by pilgrims are as follows :


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Way of Tours.

Way of Vézelay.

Way of Dieppe.

Way of the Cathedrals.

Ways of Mont Saint-Michel.

 Ligeria Way.


The ways of Tours and Vézelay, as well as the paths of Dieppe and the Cathedrals are marked in the direction of Compostela. The paths of Mont Saint-Michel and the Ligeria route are signposted in the direction of Mont Saint-Michel and Rome respectively.