The Centre-Val de Loire region is crossed by many pilgrimage routes allowing pilgrims to reach sanctuaries dedicated to Saint-Jacques, Saint-Michel, Saint-Pierre for the most popular.

To get all useful informations during your roaming (maps, accommodation, administrative services, tourist offices, points of interest), as well as the proposals for existing services on their route, or nearby, in the municipalities crossed (food shops, health services, lodges, catering, etc.), click on the logo corresponding to the department you are going to cross.

In the CVL region, the pilgrimage routes traveled by pilgrims are as follows (in green, the pilgrimage routes to Mont Saint-Michel ; in blue, the ways to Compostela).

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All the routes presented are provided by the pilgrims communities which update and record them via the IGNRANDO site of IGN (National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information). These data are supposed to be representative of the reality of the way as marked ; see the Compostelle Centre community to access the collected routes.

The information that we offer is kept, as far as possible, up to date, but these developments or modifications are not always brought to our attention. When the layout of the map or the route differs from reality, it is recommended to follow the indications present on the ground. It is up to the user to take all the necessary precautions for his safety, to comply with the directives of the competent national or local authorities and not to infringe the right of private property.

If necessary, consult the website of the community concerned or the IGN website to ensure that the information presented is up to date.