The Credencial is a document, a veritable pilgrim’s passport, awarded by the Pilgrims associations or the tourist offices. It is always necessary to justify your status as a pilgrim on the way to Compostela. This document symbolizes the path taken by the pilgrim, his desire to make his journey in accordance with the Spirit of the Path and represents, for the accommodation or service providers encountered during the pilgrimage, a guarantee of the pilgrim status of the person holding the journey. Its presentation is obligatory to be welcomed in the pilgrim reception centers in France and in the albergues of parish, municipal or private peregrinos in Spain.

The person holding a credential must have read the Pilgrim Charter. She is morally committed to respecting the rules of life and behavior of the pilgrim. This is a recommendation from the organization that issued it to you and implies a duty of respect for your hosts, of tolerance for all other walkers.


Guides of the Way of TOURS

Les éditions du Vieux Crayon :

Miam Miam Dodo,
Jacques Clouteau.

Editions Lepère :

Guide TOURS 1

Sur le chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle,
La via Turonensis, le chemin vers l’Atlantique,
François Lepère, Yvette Terrien.

Rando éditions :

Guide TOURS 2

Le Chemin de Paris et de Tours vers Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle
Guide pratique du pèlerin
Jean-Yves Grégoire, Jacqueline Véron.

FFRandonnées topo-guides :


Sentier vers Saint-Jacques de Compostelle via Tours,
GR655 / GR36,
Réf. 6552.

Other guides

Editions du Vieux Crayon :

6035532-9002501Compostelle mode d’emploi
Miam Miam Dodo,
Jacques Clouteau.

La voie de Vézelay,
Miam Miam Dodo, les branches nord (par Bourges) et sud (par Nevers),
Josette Chevolleau et Jacques Clouteau.

Rando éditions :

Partir à Compostelle,
Manuel pratique de préparation au pèlerinage,
de Laurent Denis.

Marcher à Paris,
Sur les pas des pèlerins de Compostelle,

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