The Compostelle Centre-Val de Loire (CCVL) site is promulgated by the five departmental jacquaire associations of the Centre-Val de Loire region : Loiret, Eure-et-Loir, Loir-et-Cher, Indre-et-Loire, Berry (Cher and Indre).

The purpose of these associations is to inform and help any pilgrim leaving or on their way to Compostela and organize events encouraging people to meet and share experience. They offer accommodation solutions for pilgrims passing through on the two routes crossing the region.

The Way of Tours stretches over four departments in this region. It departs from Paris, using the GR®655 long-distance hiking trail. It begins symbolically from Notre-Dame cathedral and separates into two branches at Palaiseau, one going to Chartres (GR®655 West), the other to Orléans (GR®655 East). These two routes meet in Tours.

It is used by many pilgrims from the north of France and Europe both on foot and by bicycle. This path is distinguished from other French paths by its slightly uneven terrain, easily passable by bicycle, by its remarkable architectural and cultural heritage (sites, churches, sanctuaries).

The Way of Vézelay crosses two departments of the Centre-Val de Loire region. It begins in Vézelay and is divided into two routes, one passing through Bourges, the other via Nevers. These routes allow you to discover the Berry, rural and green, rich in an exceptional historical heritage : forests, ponds, wine hillsides, Renaissance castles, Romanesque churches and villages classified among the most beautiful in France.

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