General informations


In France, as in all European countries, the health situation is changing in an unpredictable way. The proper functioning of reception and accommodation structures cannot be confirmed. Refueling, medical and administrative points may not be accessible. Traffic may be prohibited in certain places.

Accommodation in pilgrims’ shelters, for the most part run by former pilgrims, on a voluntary basis, must be requested with the greatest tolerance. Indeed, it is completely understandable that in this troubled period some people do not wish to welcome what, in all circumstances, is their decision. The health rules defined by the host must be respected.

Uncertainty also reigns over the possibility of following the itineraries we offer you for your roaming to Compostela. We apologize.

Find out before you go, do not start your journey if the conditions are not favorable, take care of yourself and others…

Associations informations


To obtain the information published by the pilgrims associations of the Centre-Val de Loire region, consult the French version of this page. Thank you.