The Routes of Compostelle in the Centre-Val de Loire region

In order to follow in the footsteps of today’s pilgrim in the footsteps of those of yesterday, the ways of Compostelle in the Centre-Val de Loire region follow as much as possible the so-called historical paths which make it possible to avoid certain lengths or passages dangerous. These ways, called associative, have therefore been taken up by the departmental jacquaires associations to build in the Centre-Val de Loire region the Ways of Compostela that cross it.

The Ways of Tours and Vézelay take long GR® hiking trails which are partly based on historic trails. The vocation of these GR® being essentially focused on hiking and tourism, their routes can quite often deviate, in our region, from the route of associative paths (several tens of kilometers sometimes).

In order to make reading easier in the field, the markup remains that of the GR® on the common areas, the rest having markings specific to local associations.

Detailed overview of the ways in the Centre-Val de Loire region

The Compostela routes in the Centre-Val de Loire region are described in detail in each of the associative sites concerned. The corresponding sheets or pages present useful information for pilgrims : maps, administrative services, tourist offices, points of interest, as well as the proposals for existing services on their route, or nearby, in the towns crossed : food shops, services health, lodgings, catering, etc.



Note : These maps are provided for information only. They are updated regularly but changes unknown to us may have been made for technical, climatic or practical reasons by the various actors of the Way. We apologize for the inconvenience and contact us if you notice changes, errors or lack of markup, improvement to achieve.