In October 2015 four pilgrims associations from the Centre-Val de Loire region, Loiret, Eure-et-Loir, Indre-et-Loire and Loir-et-Cher, decided to meet in order to allow them to better get to know, share ideas, consider the possibility of pooling certain resources, harmonizing certain practices.

  • The purpose of the agreement thus created is to :
    Develop joint projects.
  • Improve the visibility of associations vis-à-vis pilgrims.
  • Strengthen the presence of Jacques-Cartier associations in the territories facing the FRRandonnée and regional organizations (General, departmental Council, etc.).
  • Provide information at regional level by standardizing the presentation of markings, routes and accommodation.

The establishment of a regional entity seems to be on the agenda. Indeed, Europe could soon recognize and approve the Jacques Paris-Tours itinerary as a European itinerary. As the main cycle routes are almost complete, walking roaming would become a priority subject for the region and Europe.

The first project initiated was the creation of a common harmonized web page.

Indeed, for various reasons, the existing guides sometimes present inaccuracies for pilgrims, on the ways and also for accommodation. To remedy this, the associations have created websites giving more precise local information, regularly updated. Unfortunately each department has its own site, without a gateway to the others, pilgrims on the move must change site at each change of department (if they know the addresses).

The Compostelle-Centre Val de Loire site was created on February 20, 2017. Address :

This site is bilingual, it is intended for French and foreign pilgrims who come mainly from northern Europe. It is also interesting for pilgrims who wish to take all or part of the ways of Compostela for a roaming remaining localized to the region.

This site is a portal which allows you to :

  • Present an overview of the paths that cross the region : Voies de Tours and Vézelay, chemin des Cathédrales, Grand chemin Montois.
  • Navigate simply via direct links to routes, accommodation and services.
  • Provide the appropriate documentation: markup, guides, general information, links to important French and European sites.
  • Directly find the website of the association you are looking for.

Since 2017, the actions of the internet working group have mainly focused on the development of GPX maps and tracks relating to the paths in the region. The grouping of these was organized under IGNRANDO, a site which granted us a free pro license and with which we have planned to enter into a partnership agreement (in progress).

The creation of a Compostela community is an idea that seems interesting both for iGNRANDO and for the FFACC Federation. Perhaps this is why the latter created the “Ways and Signage” commission in June 2021… CCVL is very strongly represented there. The purpose of this commission, of which Pierre D., Jean-Michel B. and Patrick P. are part, is to create a French Community at IGNRANDO, to identify and collect the routes and GPX tracks of the French Jacobean paths. Project which is starting and which will take time.

In November 2019, just before the COVID crisis which hampered the activities of the CCVL group, it participated in Operation Telethon.
In early 2021, the CCVL Collective was created to give an “official” status to the agreement.

Note : CCVL presentation made on the occasion of the path organized by the Compostelle45 association to discover the Fisterra-Muxia-Santiago way from July 8 to July 27, 2021.

Patrick Pierre